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Reactivating Silenced Sirens

Inviting Storm Chasers to Solve a Siren Problem

ChaserConAttendees2015This weekend, in Denver, at ChaserCon 2015, WeatherCall is speaking with storm chasers and the supporting emergency management managers attending on the best ways to handle a national problem created by the reallocation of the public's bandwidth in 2013.  As described in this blog post, when it occurred, many of the nation's outdoor warning sirens, considered analog sirens, lost their ability for Emergency Managers to effectively communicate with them.  With the cost of replacements being, in many cases, too high to be replaced, thousands of the nation's outdoor warning sirens were effectively silenced.  WeatherCall, along with TechTrol Inc., has an affordable solution to restarting those sirens while also making them National Weather Service storm based-warning compliant.

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WeatherCall Teaches at WeatherFest

Scouts Learn What Makes the World's Weather

20150106 164013The Second Annual WeatherFest event was held January 4, 2015 as the opening activity for the 95th annual American Meteorological Society (AMS) conference.  The event provided an opportunity for training Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts in some of the key elements involved with understanding what weather is, how it affects our daily lives, and what scouts and the public in general can do to better protect themselves from the impacts of severe weather.

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Silent Sirens

The Silence is Deafening... and Potentially Deadly

Depending on your generation, your perception of outdoor warning sirens is different. To some raised in the 50s and 60s, they bring back memories of the Cold War and the threat of nuclear attack. To those in the 70s to today, they announce the approach of dangerous or deadly weather. To those who live in parts of the county that experience severe weather, they are often called Tornado Sirens (and some state's residents refer to them as "si-reens" affectionately). To some, they mean tha approach of a deadly Lahar, while to others, it means a tsunami may be approaching. But outdoor warning sirens have found their place in most American's lives. However, since 2011, when the FCC began reassigning the radio-frequencies that were used to activate many of these sirens, communities that could not afford to upgrade to far more expensive digital sirens have had to deactivate thousands of sirens across the nation. WeatherCall Services' Intellisiren solves this challenge affordably and reliably.

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WeatherCall and Emergency Management

WeatherCall Services, LLC, Recognized for Involvement in Int'l Assn. of Emergency Managers Conference Activities

Each year, WeatherCall Services is involved in numerous professional organizations where we have strong influence in shaping the policies of them.  Bob Goldhammer, long-time member and former regional president with the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM), represented WeatherCall Services at the organization’s annual conference held in November 2014 in San Antonio, TX.  BobGEMEXBob represented the company on the EMEX Exhibitor Committee which is composed of individuals from a few major private sector companies that help guide the development of conference activities in the annual vendor activity associated with the conference.  Committee members use their experience in providing services to the emergency management individuals and agencies across the United States and their knowledge of emergency management program activities to make sure that the exhibit provides an opportunity for attendees to learn about the newest products and technologies that support preparedness and response activities in cities across the country. Bob Goldhammer also represents the commercial version of WeatherCall, called WeatherCall Enterprise.  If interested in hearing more, you can contact Mr. Goldhammer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

American Gothic, Crisis City and WeatherCall

American Gothic House and Crisis City Choose WeatherCall for the Safety of their Hosts and Guests

American Gothic HouseYou have likely heard of it, and most likely seen the painting inspired by it.  According to its website, "Come to Eldon, Iowa and view the exterior of the house that inspired Grant Wood to paint American Gothic, one of the most recognized paintings in the world. Tour the adjacent American Gothic House Center which showcases Grant Wood’s life and the history of the house. Props on hand encourage visitors to pose in front of the historic American Gothic House and create their own unique American Gothic portrait." When you do visit, you will know you are protected from severe weather by WeatherCall Enterprise commercial severe weather notification service.

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