Bringing Peace of Mind

I have heard the expression all my life that "You can't put a price on peace of mind." WAAY is giving me peace of mind for less than $10 a year. I would hate to try and calculate the value or net worth of that peace of mind.

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This is a Wonderful Service

Thank you for your attention to this matter and for your timely response to my email. This is a wonderful service you've offered us and even though we have hundreds of channels to choose from, our TV is on Channel 5 at least 90 percent of the time.

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I Feel Safe Having It

I think the weather alert service is a wonderful service provided to people who have concerns about the weather. Thank you so much for this service, I feel safe having it. Pat R., Raleigh, NC

Wow, An Awesome Service

I just want to tell you that I CERTAINLY appreciate Greg and the Weathercall messages that I received on all of my numbers. I am very grateful that I signed up and appreciative of the information received especially after today's circumstances. Wow--- an awesome service. Thanks for providing it to the general public!! C. S., Raleigh, NC

It Has Been a Blessing to Me

Thank you WeatherCall. I was really concerned because I don't want to be without the WeatherCall. It has been a blessing to me. It kept me safe a year ago when a tornado came thru my area; I made it to my shelter in plenty of time. God Bless you all for creating this wonderful notification, we do not have sirens where I live. Linda B., Little Rock, AR

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