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All Testimonials and videos are shared from WeatherCall customers.  None have been reimbursed for sharing their stories.  Those sentiments that are shared are real.

I wanted to tell you thank you for the Storm Force Weather Call. I signed up several weeks ago after hearing that it notifies you if a tornado is headed toward your house. After several weeks of tornadoes in the local area and not being notified, I thought this program didn't work. But then today, Storm Force Weather Call called my phone to warn me that a tornado was headed toward my home. It was 100% correct! Storm Force Weather Call warned us so that we could get our children to safety minutes before the tornado hit our neighborhood. I had no idea that WeatherCall would be so accurate. I assumed it would go off if a tornado was expected in the area, but it really does only go off if a tornado is headed straight for your house.

Other warning and sirens go off so frequently that people tend to ignore the warnings. I know
now that when WeatherCall calls our phone that I need listen and take cover with my family
immediately. I am telling everyone now!
Thank you so much!
Melissa B.
Madison, AL
ps. Dale, please tell your wife thank you for telling me about WeatherCall!
I just want to tell you that I CERTAINLY appreciate Greg (Fishel) and the WeatherCall messages that I
received on all of my numbers. I am very grateful that I signed up and appreciative of the
information received especially after today's circumstances. Wow--- an awesome service. Thanks
for providing it to the general public!!
C. S.
Raleigh, NC

Thank you for your attention to this matter and for your timely response to my email. This is a
wonderful service you've offered us and even though we have hundreds of channels to choose
from, our TV is on Channel 5 at least 90 percent of the time. Thank you all for your hard work
and dedication to keeping us informed and entertained!!!! I pray you have a wonderful evening!
Landri M.
Bethpage, TN
I signed up for your (WeatherCall) system. Well I happen to live in the south side of Dickinson.
What a wonderful thing that was when the tornado ripped through our neighborhood. I got a
couple of warnings and about 3-4 minutes before the twister hit I got one more call said take
cover now!!. Boy that really shook my head straight that this was not just another hail storm. Our
land lines were down but my cell did pick up the call. So from my family and my entire devastated
neighbor we all thank you for this wonderful system!!!
Dickenson, ND

Thanks Valerie
Keep up the good job!! I also got 2 phone callas from Drew. My Wife & my Dog went into out
storm shelter. Valerie I talk to everyone I come into contact with about Weather Call.
Thanks & God Bless
Ralph B.
Fort Smith AR
Hey I just wanted to thank you for the "weather calls" we've been a subscriber for over a year now
and I'm so happy we signed up. Thanks for all you do. I was thinking about it and it has now
been over 11 years since I first met you (Bryan Busby-Chief Meteorologist, KMBC). We've both
been around for a while; hope it's another 11+ years! :o) Love the service; can't beat the price.
Patrisha G.
Independence, MO
Hey Rob,
We live in the Elms of Charleston, right behind Charleston Southern University. We were asleep
when the storm hit yesterday morning. We awoke to find we had no power, so there was no way
to check as to how bad the storm would get or where the storm was headed and who would get
the worse part of it. I have a weather radio and I am a trained weather spotter, but (and I know
better) I never checked to see if my batteries needed changing. As a result, my weather alert did
not go off. I have new batteries in it now! Anyway, as my dog was shaking, and everything
outside was howling, there came a phone call on my cell phone. My landline is with Comcast, so
it was down also. My phone rang and there you were, telling us that we were right in the way of
the storm. Thank you so much for this service. What if it had of been a tornado? This is a
valuable service you provide to the public. Please keep encouraging everyone to sign up for this.
It could have saved our lives and that of my beloved dog.
Sherry F.
Charleston, SC
I have heard the expression all my life that "You can't put a price on peace of mind." WAAY is
giving me peace of mind for less than $10 a year. I would hate to try and calculate the value or
net worth of that peace of mind. I am thankful they haven't tried or considered charging what that
is worth. I believe that their purpose is to provide a service to the community not to make money
with this particular program. I applaud their efforts and their spirit.
Jim P.
Huntsville, AL
Thank you WeatherCall. I was really concerned because I don't want to be without the
WeatherCall. It has been a blessing to me. It kept me safe a year ago when a tornado came thru
my area; I made it to my shelter in plenty of time. God Bless you all for creating this wonderful
notification, we do not have sirens where I live.
Linda B.
Little Rock, AR
I think the weather alert service is a wonderful service provided to people who have concerns
about the weather. Thank you so much for this service, I feel safe having it.
Pat R.
Raleigh, NC
Thought I'd let you know that I think that Rich did a great job this morning with his coverage on
the severe weather that came thru our area this AM!!! Just a side note, I received the NBC
Weather Call at 5:53 AM, about 15 minutes before my NOAA weather radio went off with the
severe thunderstorm warning. A great big thank you and a job well done with the advance
warning for my area. This system really works and can save lives. For those that haven't signed
up yet, I hope they sign up now and be informed of impending severe weather that might impact
their family and property!
With respect,
Rick C.
Augusta, GA
Last spring, our local station, KAKE, was forecasting very serious weather for that night, May 7/8,
I believe. They mentioned StormCall, so I went online, about 6:00 p.m., and signed up. Figured it
would take awhile until the service was activated. I received the first call hours later, and about
4:00 a.m. we had 70-80 mph winds. Awful and terrifying, but I knew they were coming because
of the automated call. Was able to turn on the tv, see the radar, and hear the forecast. For those
of us who live in the country and can not hear tornado sirens as they do in town, StormCall is a
real blessing particularly in the middle of the night.
Thank you.
Terry R.
El Dorado, KS
Rougemont resident Michelle H. said that she and her husband were asleep in their Stony
Mountain Road home when they were awakened by two calls from
WRAL's WeatherCall service. "First one we heard, it was a
thunderstorm warning. I said, 'OK, (WRAL Chief Meteorologist) Greg (Fishel), thanks very much.
I'm going to bed,'" Hines said. "But when he called back and said tornado warning, I said, 'OK,
let's get up and see what's going on.'" Hines and her husband turned on the TV news, and she
went to look out the back door. "I heard just the most God awful roar," she said. "Then all of a
sudden, the glass in the storm door was just shattered." Shards of glass flew after the couple as
they ran into a bathroom. Two tall pine trees crashed into the front of their house. At least two
other homes on Stony Mountain Road were damaged by wind and fallen trees and power lines.
Toys were strewn out in the back yard of one damaged house. "I would have been fast asleep
had it not been for that WeatherCall," she said.
Thank You So Much!! We are having extremely stormy weather this weekend here in Middle TN
and I was little worried, but, now I know I can rest a little easier. Thank you for your help and I
look forward to renewing every year I can. You guys service is the best!!!
Jason B.
Nashville, TN
We have WeatherCall and have fortunately received very few actual calls. My children and I were
headed home this evening when I received a weather call that our home was in the area of the
tornado. When I received the call, I turned the radio to WRALFM and listened to the updates.
Just after I hung up, My husband called to ask if I had received the same call as he had. He also
had been heading right towards the heart of the storm. He turned around as well and found a safe
shelter. An added advantage of the weather call system is peace of mind for my entire family. My
son has a form of Autistic Spectrum Disorder and becomes very anxious when there are high
winds. Tonight, he calmed down after I played back the message for him. Now he knows that
we will receive a warning if there is dangerous weather. In closing, thank you for this service. It is
well worth the small fee to have this kind of security.
Celeste D.
Spring Hope, NC
Thank you WeatherCall!!!! I received my phone call just in time to take cover. As I got my
children into the bathtub, I felt the house start shaking. Luckily we received only minimal
damage, but there are others around us whose homes were completely destroyed. I will tell
everyone I know to subscribe to this service!!!!
Dana S.
Huntsville, AL
I am extremely pleased with WeatherCall. My wife took shelter in a hallway. The power went off
just prior to the tornado passing our area. The next day when you could see all the devastation, it
was a miracle more people weren't hurt. We lost two large trees that fell on my fence. Our house
sustained some damage but we came out better than some folks. I appreciate WAAY 31 for
offering WeatherCall at a reasonable price. It should be a safety tool that everyone utilizes. You
have my permission to share my comments.
Glenn H.
Albertville, AL
My cell phone rang on Monday evening, May 10th. It was Frank Mitchell's weather call giving us
the warning that a tornado was in our immediate area and that we needed to take cover NOW!
He also called my son's phones so we all knew that it was time to take cover. We did and we are
so thankful. The tornado hit our home damaging our roof and a window. Our storage building
and covered deck were totally destroyed. It was very scary to say the least. We do not have a
cellar or a safe room (we're certainly discussing the possibility of getting one NOW!) so we took
cover in our bathtubs with mattresses covering us.
The crazy thing is........my oldest son had just signed us up for Frank's weather call on Monday,
May 10th. Isn't it amazing that the day we signed up we got our first call from Frank??? A big
thank you to Frank Mitchell and News Channel 8 for offering such a wonderful service. My
husband mentioned that it will really be helpful on those nights when we are asleep and have
no idea that bad weather is in our area. Thanks, Frank! What a great service you guys are
Tulsa, OK
I really appreciated the phone calls I received. I do watch your station constantly but if I am away
from home I really like to calls so I know what is going on because I travel around about five
counties and this is great.
Janet S.
Oklahoma City, OK
WeatherCall worked wonderfully!!! I have told everyone at my work to buy this product. Your
product worked exactly as you said. We appreciate your email. We will always purchase this
product; the free services were not ANYTHING compared to your service.
Thank you,
Becky K.
Oklahoma City, OK
From: Lancaster, Randy
Sent: Wednesday, May 26, 2010 11:04 AM
Subject: Bad weather call
By the way, while you were gone I had my first StormCall. Both the cell and the home phone rang
at the same time and 15 minutes later the storm hit. Pretty cool.
Randy L.
Hot Springs, AR
Thank you so much for this way of emergency communications. We were on our way out the
door when the phones all rang at the same time. It is always nice to know what may be going on
in our residential area.
Linda S.
Dallas, TX
Got the call I was expecting. Severe thunderstorms. They've been predicting high winds and the
ground is saturated. I'm wondering if I'm headed home to trees being uprooted. It won't take much
to bring them out of the ground. I guess I'll know in the morning. I won't make it home before dark.
I love this alert system. At least I know that something is happening at home.
Dawn S.
Warrenton, VA
Thank you so very much for your (WeatherCall) warning last night. We don't hear the tornado
warnings when we are asleep. Your warnings woke us up. Thank You!
Judy G.
Huntsville, AL
Brad (Huffines), on Wednesday (April 27, 2011), the NWS radio had so many alerts going off that I couldn't keep up with
what was happening, where, and for how long. You and Storm Force 31 Weather Call were right
on the spot though, keeping my family alert WHEN WE NEEDED TO BE.
While sitting in my storm shelter for the fourth time in one day, just after 4:00 p.m., my wife and I
listened to the howl of the storm as our home and entire neighborhood were literally blown away
by the same tornado that had, a minute earlier, leveled the Bethel Church and Doppler ball on
Highway 72.  Brad, trust me when I say that, because of you and WeatherCall, my wife and I are alive today.
Our home was totally destroyed -- the rooms we had just been in would have been our tombs if
we hadn't heeded your warning, "Seek immediate shelter." I can't tell you how grateful we are. If you EVER need a LIVING testimony for Weather Call, let
me know. I'm here today, and I'll be here tomorrow, all because of you.
Danny H.
Madison, AL
Mr. Huffines, My husband and I have had WeatherCall for the past year; we just renewed our
subscription a few weeks ago. Last evening as we were huddled in the basement of a community
church with neighbors, WeatherCalls coming in on my cell were our only method of keeping up
with the storms in our area (Morgan City/Union Hill) due to a power outage. I have never
"promoted" a product or service, but say to anyone who asks that a Weather Call subscription is
the wisest purchase they will ever make. Thank you for making our area aware of this service,
and thank you for your service to our community.
The ONLY Weather Alert System Left Standing at the End of the Worst Event in North Alabama
History. 156,000 unique contacts made with 234,000 phone calls.
Connie J.-G.
Morgan City, AL
Hey Brad. I know I sound like a broken record but I can't say enough about WeatherCall (no folks,
I'm not a spokesman for WeatherCall......lol). It has worked each and every time. Me being a
volunteer firefighter, we are immediately notified by our dispatch center when severe weather is
approaching our area. HOWEVER, WEATHERCALL has beaten them to the punch in notifying
me every time!! It's sort of funny. When I hear the National Weather Service put out a severe
weather alert, before they are finished talking, WEATHERCALL alerts. This is a great service. I
especially like the fact it pinpoints my address which does away with notifications that might be
occurring here in Lauderdale County but may be in the western end (going away from us).
Anyway, thanks for putting me on to WeatherCall. A great service to our communities.
Morris L.
Rogersville, AL Volunteer Fire Department
I want to thank you for placing calls to my cell
phone the other day when ten tornadoes were sighted around Saint Louis. I hadn't even paid for
my new account yet, but I still got your calls. We all went to the basement, thanks to you! What a
great service and you are generous and responsible!
Patricia Dennis
St. Louis, MO

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