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The Ultimate Severe Weather Warning System for Decision Makers

WeatherCall Enterprise is like having the world’s best meteorologist watching day and night and notifying you when hazardous weather is going to strike your exact location. WeatherCall will provide information that is so precise that administrators will be able to confidently determine whether or not they must activate appropriate emergency protocols.

Why Radio, Television and Individual Phone Apps are Inadequate Weather Warning Systems

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The warnings from the National Weather Service are very specific, and laser focused, but warning delivery systems are so general and broad that the decision maker cannot get the information necessary to make the appropriate decision regarding their exact location. You may receive warnings when tornadoes or severe weather are so far away that they will have no impact on your organization.

If the administrator makes the wrong call, the entire operation can suffer terrible consequences: choose to err on the side of caution and close when you were not actually in the direct path of a storm, and your decision can negatively affect cash flow, jeopardize customer and employee relationships, and be detrimental to your entire operation; stay open when a storm or tornado strikes, and place lives and property at risk.

WeatherCall Enterprise Is The Most Effective Emergency Weather Action Plan For Businesses, Education Systems, or Organizations

Weld County Warning

There is a person in every organization responsible to keep watch on hazardous weather, day and night, to determine whether or not to shut down, or stay open. This person assigned this significant responsibility must understand that with their decision comes the accountability, costs and liabilities associated with taking action, or taking no action at all.

The graphic on the right shows a weather radar image of the devasting Windsor, Colorado tornado of May, 2008. The borders of Weld County (consisting of 3,993 square miles) are shown in white. The area affected by this tornado was actually only 10% of the county's total area, and is shown as a red box. The area represented by this red box are the only parts of the county that would have received a warning notification from WeatherCall during this tornado.

Every business has different needs when it comes to their severe weather emergency plan. For example, a large manufacturing facility or office complex with many hundreds of employees will have a longer warning lead-time requirement than a small child care facility or restaurant.

Flexible Service Options

enterprise tornado notification shadowWeatherCall Enterprise allows every business to set up their account based on their own unique requirements. You control the contacts, the warning notification types each contact will receive, and the size of your monitored area.  In the example shown to the left, a TORNADO WARNING has been issued for Dallas County, TX, within 5 miles of this WeatherCall enterprise client site. The actual warning area lies outside of their monitored zone, therefore NO ACTION is required because the threat is to the west of their location.  The NOAA weather radio would have been going off for the entire county, the outdoor warning sirens would be sounding, but this specific facility would not be affected by the warning itself.

Customized Enterprise client configuration options include:

National Weather Service Warning Notifications:

  • Tornado only
  • Tornado + Severe Thunderstorm
  • Tornado + Flash Flood
  • Tornado + Severe Thunderstorm + Flash Flood

Storm Prediction Center Watch Notifications

  • Tornado Watch
  • Severe Thunderstorm Watch

Number of phone numbers needed to be called

Warning lead time requirement

Basic business plans are available for less than $200 for a full year of service.

CLICK HERE to Request more information about WeatherCall Enterprise and receive a FREE DEMO.

For more information on WeatherCall Enterprise, click on the link above or send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You can also call (720) 842-1180, or our 24/7 messaging system at (800)260-6695. A company representative will get back to you.

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