Mobile Phone Compatibility Test



Optimal devices


The WeatherCall® Togo and WeatherCall Lightning services perform optimally on smart phones which can report their location, such as the iPhone and Android platforms.

Confirming if your notification services are on or off


When you are viewing the WeatherCall ToGo home page on a smart phone, you will see a black square with a green rotating radar image (if there are no current warnings for your currently reported location) or a red rotating radar image behind one or two warning icons (if there are current warnings for your currently reported location.


  • You can turn your notification services ON or OFF by tapping on the red My Settings button and check or un-check the Enable SMS Notification or Enable Phone Notification boxes.
  • If you uncheck both boxes, and update your settings, a red line of text appears on the home screen stating Notification Services are OFF.


Compatibility tests


To check if your smart phone is compatible with WeatherCall ToGo, use your smart phone and open a web browser; go to, and then follow the instructions on that web page.


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