Living Testimonial for WeatherCall

On Wednesday (April 27, 2011), the NWS radio had so many alerts going off that I couldn't keep up with what was happening, where, and for how long. You and Storm Force 31 Weather Call were right on the spot though, keeping my family alert WHEN WE NEEDED TO BE.

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This is a Wonderful Service

Thank you for your attention to this matter and for your timely response to my email. This is a wonderful service you've offered us and even though we have hundreds of channels to choose from, our TV is on Channel 5 at least 90 percent of the time.

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What If It Had Been a Tornado!?

We live in the Elms of Charleston, right behind Charleston Southern University. We were asleep when the storm hit yesterday morning. We awoke to find we had no power, so there was no way to check as to how bad the storm would get or where the storm was headed and who would get the worse part of it.

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WeatherCall Will Wake You Up

"First one we heard, it was a thunderstorm warning. I said, 'OK, (WRAL Chief Meteorologist) Greg (Fishel), thanks very much. I'm going to bed,'" Hines said. "But when he called back and said tornado warning, I said, 'OK, let's get up and see what's going on.'"

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Warnings Before the Twister Ripped Through

I signed up for your weather warn call system. Well I happen to live in the south side of Dickinson. What a wonderful thing that was when the tornado ripped through our neighborhood.

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