WeatherCall Will Wake You Up

"First one we heard, it was a thunderstorm warning. I said, 'OK, (WRAL Chief Meteorologist) Greg (Fishel), thanks very much. I'm going to bed,'" Hines said. "But when he called back and said tornado warning, I said, 'OK, let's get up and see what's going on.'"

Hines and her husband turned on the TV news, and she went to look out the back door. "I heard just the most God awful roar," she said. "Then all of a sudden, the glass in the storm door was just shattered." Shards of glass flew after the couple as they ran into a bathroom. Two tall pine trees crashed into the front of their house. At least two other homes on Stony Mountain Road were damaged by wind and fallen trees and power lines. Toys were strewn out in the back yard of one damaged house. "I would have been fast asleep had it not been for that WeatherCall,"  Michelle H,, Rougemont, NC


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