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"No such thing as a free lunch". "You get what you pay for". Everyone knows these sayings. So, why pay for WeatherCall® when there are HUNDREDS of FREE weather apps available to download? Because WeatherCall is faster, reliable, gets your attention, and is NEVER A FALSE ALARM!


Free weather apps are supported by advertising dollars. The more warnings you get, the greater chance you'll click on an ad banner, and the more money will be made. To increase this frequency, they push notifications to you for any warning active in your county or region. Sometimes these companies make up their OWN warnings so they can push MORE banner ads to your phone.

  • WeatherCall notifies you with an actual PHONE CALL, (text and email are also available) matching your precise location with the exact warning area defined by your tax-dollar funded National Weather Service (NWS). NO FALSE ALARMS.
  • ADVERTISEMENT FREE notifications are delivered, ONLY when a precise warning is impacting you NOW, with specific instructions as to what actions you need to take to stay safe.

The cost of free is to be over-warned so more advertisements can be delivered to you. Don't take chances with personal safety for you or your loved ones.

P.S. Are you the parent of a "latchkey kid" or know someone who is? Watch for WeatherCall for Kids coming in the Spring of 2014.


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